Here’s the Reason Why Houses are the New Hotels

Have you even chosen a homestay over a hotel?

Rumah Pohon Tree House in Bali, Indonesia

For travelers, one of the most important factors when traveling is to feel relaxed and comfortable when going to new places. With that in mind, studies suggest that there’s been a rise in the popularity of bed & breakfasts in recent years. According to one of the largest booking platforms in the world, agoda, domestic travelers are more likely to book homestays or non-hotel accommodations (NHAs) than the usual hotel rooms from five-star hotels. This trend is most visibly seen to travelers whose destinations are neighboring countries.

Sakainoma Kuma Guest House in Osaka, Japan

One of the reasons as to why people choose such accommodations is that, homestays usually accommodate a lot of people (as it is a house itself). Homestays are also much cheaper compared to hotel room since they are your typical houses sans the room service. For Chinese travelers, they prefer non-hotel accommodations because of the local experience that you get when you live in a house that’s filled with cultural emblems.

Non-hotel accommodations vary by every traveler’s interest and taste; while Filipinos ranked first in booking B&Bs, private homes are the go to type of accommodation of Singaporeans, Malaysians and Australians. Meanwhile, villas and guest houses are preferred by Indonesian and Thai travelers.

Aquila Nova Retreat in Melbourne, Australia

While hotels offer the best and most luxurious accommodations for travelers, travelers tend to get homesick and feel overwhelmed whenever they transfer hotel to hotel. With NHAs, the goal is to make you feel as if you didn’t leave.

Luxury Yacht MM2 in Phuket, Thailand

You can check out some of these most extraordinary and deluxe NHAs available to book on agoda.

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