7 Food Museums You Wouldn’t Believe Exist

One of them politely asks visitors, “please don’t eat the exhibit.”

Food isn’t really the first thing that enters your mind when you hear the word “museum,” and that’s exactly what food museums are for. They remind you that food isn’t just something you consume to survive. Food — from the simplest and most common, to the most bizarre — is an essential fragment of culture, backed by a rich history.

Read up on seven of the world’s most peculiar food museums that will bring out the fun foodie in you.

Instant Ramen Museum

Ever dreamed of making your very own cup of instant noodles? Well, The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka, Japan will turn that dream into a reality for you! This interactive and educational museum highlights the importance of inventions and discovery through one’s imagination and common tools, just like how Momofuku Ando, father of instant noodles, invented his revolutionary product in a small shed in 1958.

The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum features various exhibitions and attractions, such as the Story of Instant Noodles, Instant Noodles Tunnel, and the Cupnoodles Drama Theater, that showcase the product’s half-century-old history.


SPAM Museum

With the tagline “Please don’t eat the exhibits,” you can just guess how mouth-watering the SPAM Museum actually is. Located in Austin, Minnesota, the 14,000-square feet mecca of canned meat walks you through the world-famous brand’s 80-year history with the help of interactive galleries, artifacts (read former U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower’s letter, acknowledging SPAM for keeping the American troops fed during World War II), and, of course, tons and tons of yummy SPAM.


Currywurst Museum

Not enough meat in the SPAM Museum? Well then, book a ticket to Berlin, Germany, and pay their prized Deutsches Currywurst Museum a visit. A surprising treat to the senses of any sausage-loving soul, this museum features a spice chamber with sniffing stations, ketchup bottle-shaped audio stations where you can listen to songs about the currywurst, and a currywurst snackbar on wheels — among others.


Jell-O Museum

If you’re a big fan of America’s most famous colorful gelatin dessert that is Jell-O, then this museum will get you all jiggly in excitement. Situated in LeRoy, New York, where the treat was invented by a carpenter in 1897, the Jell-O Gallery Museum is home to all things — you guessed it — Jell-O! Learn the story behind the fruity dessert through exhibits, vintage memorabilia, unique recipes, and more Jell-O!

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