Bright as the South: Scenes from the 2016 T’nalak Festival

Festival highlights!

Mention South Cotabato and the image of the T’nalak immediately comes to mind. This beautiful textile woven by women of the T’boli tribe from abaca strips, has come to symbolize the blending of culture, strength and unity of the various ethnic groups living in the province.

The main festival highlight was the street dancing parade and showdown competition representing the region’s Tri-People: the T’bolis, the Christians and the Muslims.

The T’nalak Festival honors this cultural symbol while showcasing the province’s natural bounty, and its vibrant culture and traditions. The festival, held every July, coincides with the establishment of South Cotabato as a province.

This year marked the 50th Founding Anniversary of the province and 17th T’nalak Festival, so celebrations were extra grand.

Check out a few scenes from the T’nalak Festival 2016.

Words and Photos by Kara Santos of Travel Up.

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Kara Santos

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