Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Viator Tour

A Filipina explores (European) roads less traveled.

It’s after this part of the trip that I learned some interesting facts about the country we were in. As opposed to most of the world, the country has three presidents, which are elected every four months! The three are elected from the different minorities of the country: one Bosniak, one Croat, and one Serb. The one with the highest votes is the chairperson, and all three have to reach a consensus for decisions. If they can’t reach one, they pull in a 4th person, which is from the supervising country Austria!

Another cool thing in the country is that everything is really cheap, especially after the very pricey Dubrovnik (where I endured a forced diet). I finally had a good meal when we reached Mostar, which is the most important city in its region. The place was Sadrvan, which serves up food portions good for sharing. For this I was truly thankful! The thing is I was alone, so I had no one to share with. Thankfully I fell in the company of a kind, elderly couple from Taiwan who had been residing in New York. I joined them for lunch — it turns out they noticed me when I was walking alone and taking selfies.