Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Viator Tour

A Filipina explores (European) roads less traveled.

After enjoying a good dish of rice, beef, and more in that fancy restaurant (for only 4 EUR!) I got a good look at the city’s beautiful architecture — considered some of the best Islamic architecture in the Balkan region. Our tour guide also took us to a viewpoint that some of the other tour drivers didn’t know! I love it when this happens, and this is why it’s definitely worth to get a local with you on tours.

Mostar is a fascinating place in itself, with its history with the Ottoman. One sight to see is the Stari Most, which is a pretty bridge that arches over the clear waters of the river. The city’s name was derived from the old bridge guards (“mostari”) that ensured the safety of this passage. But then, not everything is rosy here. In one of the museums, we watched the history of the bitter war that was waged here not so long ago. We also saw the Church, which was a stately building in itself.