Check out This Eco-Friendly Surfer’s Café in Palawan

A journey to zero-waste café business.

“I always wanted to have a coffeeshop where I myself would pay for the coffee even if it’s mine. It is also my way of doing an alternative and earth-conscious business since all our products are local, 80% organic and of course, we wanted to be a zero waste café before this year ends,” says James.

You can find the food truck currently parked along Nagtabon Beach, a peaceful palm-lined white sandy beach about 30 kilometers from downtown Puerto Princesa, one of the local secrets off the main tourist radar.

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This is #NagtabonBeach Cove. Why is it called Nagtabon? It is actually two words put together "Nag" (to) and "Tabon" (cover), put together is means "to cover." Nagtabon beach has lots of "Tabon bird" or "Scrubfowl" in the old days where it gained its name. It looks like a mix of chicken and bird, usually gray of dark brown. 🦃 The "Tabon bird" doesn't use her body heat to incubate her eggs, rather she digs a nest on the sand and "covers" it with biodegradable matter like decaying leaves, twigs and grass. These stuff creates heat that incubates the egg. The male Tabon is the one taking care of the nest. 🐤 Interestingly, Nagtabon beach is also a home and sanctuary to #pawikan or Sea Turtles 🐢 which we all know digs her nest at night and "covers" it with sand. Since seeing this beach 10 years ago, I haven't seen a Tabon bird yet and there's only two recorded Turtle nesting so far this season. It is becoming more and more touristy. Along with it the trash and noise pollution it creates keeps putting stress to the wildlife in the cove.☝️ Cigarette butts are always present in the beach even though we always do #beachcleanup every Saturday. We hope that our little efforts create awareness and educate the tourists both locals and foreigners 💪 to take care of the beach so the next generation would still enjoy its beauty and maybe Tabon birds and Sea Turtles show up again. 😁🤗 Please share and repost! SALAMAT PO! 👌🤙🙏 #puertoprincesa #palawan #Nagtabon #Philippines #zerowaste #beachcafe #coffeeshop #sustainability #sustainabletourism #surfing #surfers #beach #paradise @the_Philippines #zerowastecafe #surfsurfcafe #notosingleuseplastic

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