5 Extreme Bridges in the Philippines that Offer Stunning Views

Let’s cross that bridge when we get there!

With a length of 350 meters (1,150 feet) and a height of 292 feet (89 meters above ground, Agas-Agas Bridge in the town of Sogod, Southern Leyte is the tallest bridge in the Philippines. It’s located in the mountainous Agas-Agas section of the Pan-Philippine Highway which is prone to landslides during heavy rains and typhoons. The bridge was constructed in 2006 to cut down driving time for motorists.

For a time, this was a top tourist destination in the region, when a twin zip line, one of the longest in the country at 880 meters (2,890 feet), was constructed in the area and visitors could glide diagonally above the bridge and the river below it. Unfortunately, as of 2017, the zip line and other extreme activities in the area are no longer operational, but the view deck still offers a great overlooking view of the massive structure. There are a few food kiosks and souvenir stalls at the tourist center near the bridge.

Atugan Bridge, Bukidnon

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