Here’s What You Should Eat in Every Region in Luzon

Traveling can be delicious!

Bicol Laing Special at Red Platter

Most of the dishes in the Bicol region are known for their spicy flavor so if you have an affinity for anything spicy, this should be on your bucket list. Take note though, they don’t use artificial chili powder. At Bicol, you get the real natural thing.

The most famous cuisine would probably be the Bicol Express which was named after a passenger train service from Manila to Bicol. Bicol express is made out of pork, coconut milk, and chilies and if cooked right, is one of the spiciest meals in the region.

If you’re adventurous, Kinunot na Pagi should definitely be on your list. It’s an exotic Bicol cuisine made of shredded sting ray and malunggay leaves cooked in coconut milk. Kinunot could also be cooked with shark meat, if you’re feeling extra.

Laing is also popular in the region, a dish made out of dried taro leaves, simmered in coconut milk, and added with chili peppers. This dish has variations depending on how you want to cook it and on the toppings you’ll add.  To end your meal or for pasalubong, there’s pili nuts!


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