Hot Tub a la Pinoy: 4 Places in the Philippines for a Nice Kawa Hot Bath

You don’t have to go far for this kind of R&R.

Rizal is a weekend warrior’s favorite. The province is just a little over an hour away from Manila, and it’s home to both high-adrenaline and relaxing things to do. Adventurers can go mountain climbing, exploring on an ATV, while those who want to take it slow can go around museums and galleries, and of course, indulge in a kawa hot bath.

El Patio Razon, a rest house turned resort, offers this relaxing bath overlooking a sea of clouds and scenic mountain range.

The resort also offers side activities such as horseback riding and some trampoline action. You can also go on a side trip to nearby Treasure Mountain.

Samboan, Cebu