Good Morning! Here’s How to Have Breakfast in 22 Countries around the World

What does breakfast look like where you live?

It could go without saying that a country’s culture is exhibited best through what they serve first thing in the morning. We’ve taken a look at how breakfast looks like in 22 different countries across the globe. Let’s see which one will make you drool the most.


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A traditional Japanese breakfast consists of a delicious set meal to help you start your day right.


South Korea

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Yes, they eat kimchi during breakfast too!



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How about something hearty but sweet?



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No breakfast in America is complete without bacon and pancakes!



Filipino households value hearty breakfasts which typically consist of fried rice, meat, and eggs.



You can’t say that you’ve had the full English experience without gorging on the Full English Breakfast.



To the French, bread is life.



The Italians don’t need much to start their day; all they need is a piece of toast and a good cup of morning coffee.



Nothing like eating homemade bread, olives, cheese, and good Greek yogurt for breakfast while taking in this amazing view.



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Among all the unique dishes you can find in India, doha tops the list of most preferred breakfast meals by locals.



A typical Chinese breakfast to soothe your soul — a warm bowl of congee!