Good Morning! Here’s How to Have Breakfast in 22 Countries around the World

What does breakfast look like where you live?


Isn’t this hearty plate of huevos rancheros calling out to you?



It might look like a spread best paired with wine in the late afternoon, but Turks would rather eat these with Turkish coffee in the morning.



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A typical Spanish breakfast includes a simple piece of toast and, as a treat, some churros!



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Poles often eat breakfast two times a day, and at both times they opt for open-faced sandwiches.



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Vietnamese Pho is best eaten anytime of the day, but locals love to have it first thing in the morning.



Malaysians love to have nasi lemak as a balanced breakfast.



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An Israeli breakfast consists of eggs, salad, freshly baked bread, cheeses, olives, and spreads.



A Sunday morning Peruvian favorite: chicharrones (fried pork meat) sandwich with onion salad and Peruvian tamales.



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In Cuba, you can get by with a warm cup of coffee and good piece of tostada (buttered and grilled bread).



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Mornings in Morocco are spent munching on a variety of breads, fresh goat cheese, olives, and eggs.



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Every dinner table in Switzerland must have the zopf, a rich white bread baked in the shape of a braid, in the morning.


What does breakfast look like where you live? Share your stories with us below!