The World’s Coolest Hotel Rooms

Are any of them on your list?


We always want and plan for great accommodations. And there are times when the bed or the tub seduce you and make you want to stay indoors. But there are other times when the accommodations are so amazing that they become the destination. While you’re planning your next trip, get some inspiration (and #goals) from some of the coolest hotel rooms in the world — maybe you can even book one of them.

Panic Room, Au Vieux Panier Hotel (Marseille, France)

The Panic Room from Au Vieux Panier Hotel is one of the hotel’s six themed rooms that were redone by commissioned artists. For this specific room, graffiti artist Tilt perfectly divided the room into two parts: half of it is in a clean, white state, while the other is covered with Tilt’s signature graffiti style.


Survival Pod, The Capsule Hotel (The Hague, Netherlands)

Via BuzAir

Remember that pod Roger Moore used to escape in The Spy Who Loved Me? That was the inspiration behind The Capsule Hotel. Complete with a survival suitcase and sleeping bags, the hotel looks surprisingly cozy on the inside, and it’s perfect for adventure-loving tourists (and for James Bond fans.)


Kiboko Star Bed, Loisaba Lodge (Laikipia, Kenya)

Located in the vast wilderness of Laikipia, Kenya, the Loisaba Lodge is a private ranch  that boasts of beds-on-wheels and infinitely picturesque views. At night, visitors can sleep under the African night sky using one of the star beds. Safaris and other activities such as mountain biking, river rafting, and croquet are also available for tourists.