5 Awesome Food Trip Destinations in Mindanao

Here are our top picks for a gastronomic tour of the southernmost region.

While we can all agree that food-tripping in the Philippines is great, you get vastly different experiences when you try out different regional cuisine. Since we listed some of the awesome food destinations in Luzon and Visayas, here are some places in Mindanao where you can expect great eats!

Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro is not only home to outdoor adventures like whitewater rafting, it also boasts of great eats for adventurous foodies. One of the oldest and most well-loved homegrown restaurants here is Kagay-anon Restaurant, where you can enjoy traditional Filipino cuisine and local specialties like Kagay-anon soup with huge clams, kilawin, ostrich salpicao and crocodile sisig. If you have a sweet tooth, be sure to try pastries from Missy Bonbon, a bakeshop and cafe which has great pastel, or soft bread stuffed with rich yema. Here’s a guide to the homegrown restos in CDO.


Zamboanga City

Zamboanga City serves a wide array of local cuisine with dishes having a melting pot of Spanish influence, Zambuangeño, Chinese-Chavacano fusion and traditional Muslim cuisine. You can’t leave without feasting on curacha in Alavar sauce, satti, knickerbocker and Tausug Muslim delicacies from Dennis Coffee Garden. Check out our food trip guide to the Flavors of Zamboanga here.


Davao City, Davao

The most popular food products associated with Davao are durian, pomelo, Malagos Chocolates and seafood. These days, a trip to Davao isn’t complete without stopping by Blugre, a homegrown coffee spot for what has become a Davao must-try: Durian Coffee. If that’s not enough for you, you can pair your drink with a slice of Durian Cheesecake. Another popular local restaurant is Marina Tuna, which is famous for preparing tuna dishes in various ways. Another homegrown restaurant putting a modern twist on local cuisine is Bistro Selera, which serves dishes like Suha Salad, Bagaybay (tuna gonad), Seafood Durian Curry and Mangosteen Ice Cream and Biko to name a  few.


General Santos City

Aside from Pacman, one thing all Pinoys think of when they hear GenSan is Tuna! Most first-time visitors make it a point to visit the Fish Port located along the shore of Sarangani Bay to witness gigantic tunas being transported and sold. But the best way to enjoy tuna, is of course to eat it. The best place for food tripping is Tiongson Aracade, where you can eat like a local and indulge in a dampa-style dining experience. Indulge in tuna belly, tuna kinilaw (ceviche), tuna bagaybay (roe), tuna bihod (eggs) and or go all out with a seafood boodle fight. For unique food pasalubong items, you can take home frozen tuna products, Tuna Chicharon and locally-made chocolate bars from Great Harvest.


Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte

The dining scene in the surf capital of the Philippines is as hip and vibrant as other surf towns like La Union and Baler. From streetside seafood grills, power bowls and oven-baked pizza, visitors to the island can have their fill of great eats after their surf sessions. Kermit, an Italian restaurant, reputedly serves the best pizza in Siargao. Patrick’s on the Beach is a beach-side restaurant that offers local and international flavors. Meanwhile, Shaka Siargao offers a variety of fruit bowls, smoothies, and fresh juices. For budget-friendly eats, there’s Mama’s Grill, which is said to serve the most authentic and affordable grill experience on the island.

There are so many awesome food destinations around the Philippines. What’s your favorite province or city to visit for culinary adventures? Let us know in the comments.

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