6 of the Most Colorful Neighborhoods in Asia that Should Be in Your Travel Bucket List

These places are man-made attractions on their own.

Haji Lane, Singapore

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More than being a city full of tall skyscrapers and indoor gardens, Singapore has a reputation for great street art. The city’s mini-hipsterville, Haji Lane, boasts a vibrant graffiti scene, with numerous picture-perfect spots, and a wide selection of specialty stores, cafes and bars.

Jaipur, India

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The city of Jaipur is a city of enthralling architecture. It stands out as one of the most historically and culturally vibrant places in the world. It earned the nickname of “Pink City” after the city’s then ruler, Maharaja Ram Singh, ordered to paint the whole city pink to welcome the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria to the country in 1826. Pink is a color that denotes hospitality — and it’s a color that’s stuck, and is to this day maintained as per the city’s laws.

Jodhpur, India

If there is a pink city, a blue city also exists in India. Jodphur, the second largest city of Rajasthan, is popularly called Blue City because of the huge number of houses painted in blue. There is no specific historic evidence behind this, except some interesting stories like the blue color reflects the sun’s heat or it’s the color of Lord Shiva. Whatever the reason, the color has turned the city into a real-life fantasy movie set.

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