The Most Beautiful Rainy Season Destinations in the Philippines

Don’t let the season put a damper on your adventures.

Don’t let gloomy skies and wet streets discourage you from making the most out of your vacation leaves this rainy season. Here are just a few places you can head to that are just as beautiful to experience amidst the downpour!

Baler, Aurora

One of the top activities to do during the cool and rainy season is to surf, and where else would you go than the birthplace of surfing? Baler, only a six-hour drive from Metro Manila, is one of the top recommended sites in the country to surf with its waves reaching peak size and quality during the months of December and January. Baler’s waves are perfect for all levels, and you’ll find that it’s not as crowded as the more popular surf spots like La Union and Siargao.

Beginners would find refuge in Sabang Beach, while seasoned surfers will enjoy the thrills of Cemento Beach and Lindy’s Point. For those in between, Charlie’s Point is your go-to spot.


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Cagayan de Oro

Adventure-seekers might want to dive headfirst to more intensified rapids during the rainy season at Cagayan de Oro where White Water Rafting is a popular activity. Here, you can feel like you’re the star of an action-packed survival movie! You’ll also enjoy the lush and beautiful surroundings as you make your way through the river.


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Sapang Bato, Angeles City

Hot springs are also a treat to experience during the chilly afternoons. Head to Puning Hot Spring in Pampanga just a two-hour drive from the Metro and indulge in each of the 13 different pools. Have a go at the resort’s own sand spa where you’ll be buried under warm volcanic sand and the sulfur mud spa that’s set to rejuvenate your skin. It’s the perfect rainy season getaway for the weekend!


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Camarines Sur

As the wakeboarding capital of the Philippines, extreme sports enthusiasts would love to unwind by spending time at the Camsur Watersports Complex — the first world-class watersports complex in the country. Adventurers would also love to explore Mount Isarog when the weather isn’t scorching hot, and relax in its waterfalls and hot springs.


Lake Sebu, South Cotobato

Lake Sebu almost has it all for an immersive nature experience — lakes, rivers and waterfalls that look more majestic amidst rain showers, a biodiversity so rich, and hot springs that are much better to soak in during the chilly climate. It’s easy to make side trips to other tourist destinations within the area, such as the Seven Falls of Barangay Siloton and a zip line adventure that helps you admire the lush landscape from a bird’s eye view.

Where else in the Philippines are much more wonderful to experience during the rainy season? Tell us all about them below!