Here Are the Travel Accessories You Should Get Yourself for Trips over the Rainy Season

Add some cheer to gloomy days!

For those who prefer function over form, the classic black garbage bag is one of the most useful things to have around during the rainy season. You can use it to wrap your backpack, secure your gadgets and even transform into a raincoat in a pinch. But for travelers who want to add a little bit of style to their gear even during gloomy days, there are other options out there. Here are some of our picks on stylish travel essentials for the rainy season.

Waterproof Backpack Cover by Wanderskye

One of the major concerns during the rainy season is how to protect your gadgets and other items from getting soaked. It’s not easy to carry an umbrella while traveling outdoors — especially while hiking. Waterproof backpacks are still your best bet if you plan to do multi-day adventures during the rainy season. But if you’ve already got a backpack, an easy solution is a waterproof backpack cover.

Wanderskye’s backpack covers feature some really cool designs by Filipino artists that will inspire you to hit the road. In fact, you’ll want to cover up your bag with these whether or not it’s raining outside. The durable cover comes with a foldable built-in pouch and also protects backpacks from scratches, dirt and stains. It’s not just for hikers and backpackers! Students can also use these to protect their laptop, notebooks and books from the rain (as well as pickpockets)!

Available at and in-store at Wanderskye Kiosk, Rustans, Flight001, Bratpack, R.O.X., Deuter, Flight001, Fab Manila and Go Shop.


Waterproof Luggage Cover by Wanderskye

Not a backpack type of person? For jet setters, Wanderskye also has waterproof luggage covers to ensure their suitcases stay dry on the way to the airport or while in transit. Luggage covers come in various sizes to fit standard size hand carry or carry-on luggage. The luggage covers come in stylish designs featuring travel stamps, maps, inspirational quotes, icons and patterns.

Some of these feature “Proudly Pinoy” designs so you can show off your roots when you travel abroad. For a more personal and unique touch, you can even get your own custom cover designed by them too! The luggage covers are durable, eco-friendly and a way more stylish alternative to secure your bags at the airport compared to cling wrap or duct tape, right?

Available at and in-store at Wanderskye Kiosk, Rustans, Flight001, Bratpack, R.O.X., Deuter, Flight001, Fab Manila and Go Shop.


Adventure Dry Bag by Hull & Stern

Usually a staple for summer activities at the beach like island-hopping, and swimming, adventure dry bags are also pretty useful for regular travel or hikes up mountains and waterfalls when you get faced with sudden downpours.

Hull & Stern Adventure Dry Bags are made of strong IPx5 tarpaulin material made to resist and repel water and other harsh elements. What’s great is that you can have the bags customized with your name or favorite travel quote it to make it more unique!

Available online from Hull & Stern or get it in Stoked stores.

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