4 Places in Tanay You Can Visit for Effortless Sea of Clouds

Dress appropriately for this nippy weather.

The Sierra Madre mountain range is the longest mountain range in the Philippines, spanning the regions of Cagayan province in the north and extending to the Quezon province in the south. It protects the regions from monsoons coming from the Pacific Ocean. The vastness of the Sierra Madre spans across 10 provinces, including Rizal.

A two-hour ride from Manila, Rizal has become a popular destination among the metro’s weekend adventurists. And with great reason: It’s populated with mountains, cool breeze, and fresh air – stuff you’d be hard pressed to find in the city.

If you’ve got time on your hands, a full tank, or just the desire for a quick getaway, we’ve listed places in Tanay where you can do just that.


Martessem Mountain Resort