48 Hours in Beijing

A handy guide.

Also known as the Palace Museum, this attraction served as the palace of more than 20 emperors that spanned the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It has centuries of history behind it, making it a popular destination for locals and foreign tourists. Imagine what life was like for the royal family as you explore the complex.

Entrance Fee: CNY60 (for April to October), CNY40 (for November to March)

Travel Tip: This itinerary assumes you have two full days of exploring Beijing. Begin the first or second day with a trip to the Temple of Heaven in the morning and finish it with an excursion to Mutianyu. You can take public transportation to the temple. To save time, rent a car or join a tour for a visit to the Great Wall. You can do Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City for half a day, then either end or start your adventure with a trip to the Summer Palace. Start early, at around 7-8 AM to maximize the day.


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