48 Hours in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


If you don’t have much time in Mongolia, one of the nearest parks you can visit is Terelj. The latter is the go-to destination of many travelers who are only staying for two days. It has a bit of everything you are looking for in a nature destination in the country. Depending on the season you visit, you’ll see green and rolling hills as far as your eyes could see. If you visit during winter, you’ll see white and snow-topped mountains. During your visit, you get to see the park’s icon, Turtle Rock.

You can visit the park as a day trip from the city or better yet, spend the night in a ger (also known as yurt) to experience how locals live even for a night. The price of the trip varies depending on the size of the group and if you are staying overnight.

Chinggis Khan Statue

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