7 Reasons Why Danjugan Island is a Model of Nature Conservation

Tour responsibly.

Danjugan Island is NOT a resort“, the people taking care of the island would like to let the visitors know about this fact. “We are an ecotourism destination aimed towards conservation, environmental education, sustainable livelihood, science and research. We welcome all visitors to experience nature and immerse themselves in the sanctuary we have preserved for future generations” is their underlying message.

Because Danjugan is not a resort but first and foremost, an island habitat of many wildlife species, there is no running water and electricity on the island and all man-made facilities are powered by solar energy and made of rustic materials that blends well with the surrounding environment. The island ensures that both the caretakers and visitors exert less carbon footprint as possible.

They offer a day long nature immersion tour

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Marky Ramone Go

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