All Aboard! 6 Unforgettable Train Rides in Asia

From Darjeeling to the Gobi Desert.

Suggested Route: Xining to Lhasa

Distance: 1,956 km (approx.)

Travel Time: 22 hours (approx.)

Ticketing Info:

A modern engineering marvel, the Qinghai Tibet Railway is one of the world’s busiest train systems that miraculously defied a number of obstacles during its construction, including the area’s fragile ecosystem, lack of oxygen, and permafrost. It currently holds the record for the world’s highest railway, with 960 km of its tracks sitting 4,000 meters above sea level, earning the nickname “way to the sky.”

Considered the longest high-altitude train trip on earth, this man-made wonder will treat your eyes to spectacular views of the Gobi Desert, Qarhan Salt Lake, the snowy Yuzu Peak, and many others during your voyage.

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