5 Stunning Lighthouses to Visit in Batanes

The northernmost province has some of the most beautiful lighthouses in the country.

Lighthouses, these dramatic, towering, lonely structures, serve two purposes: their light guide seafarers across the sea, and they also stand proudly as icons and landmarks of a place.

In the Philippines, some of the most beautiful lighthouses can be found in the northernmost province of Batanes. These modern structures provide visitors a stunning backdrop and offer spectacular vistas for those who choose to climb up the towers.

Although most tourists are familiar with the three main lighthouses (Basco Lighthouse, Tayid Lighthouse in Mahatao & Sabtang Lighthouse), there are at least five lighthouses scattered about in the northernmost province of the country. If you’re heading there anytime soon, why not try and visit all five?

Basco Lighthouse, Basco (Batan Island)

The easiest lighthouse to visit is Basco Lighthouse, which you can find in Naidi Hills on Basco, Batan Island. Anyone can easily bike or walk to this lighthouse from the main center of Basco. Standing at 66 feet high, this white lighthouse with striking blue doors and a red roofed tower was constructed in March 2003 to serve as a navigational facility for local fishermen. It has now become one of the most popular landmarks and tourist attractions in Basco.

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