Places that Will Make You Want to Visit Batanes, As in Now

Tick it off your bucket list.

It’s no secret that Batanes is a beautiful place. It’s one of the few destinations that’ll give you that feeling of calm like everything is at rest, yet alive. While it may not come cheap (there’s even a popular shirt that you can get as a souvenir that says “Batanes: magastos pero sulit” (Batanes: costly but worth it), know that there are certain things in life that you can’t put a price tag on. If you need more convincing – although we believe it’s more of a reminder – here are some of the most beautiful and interesting spots that await you in northernmost island of the Philippines.

Vayang Rolling Hills

This is a beautifully-taken photo but seeing it in real life will definitely take your breath away. If you want some quiet time, sit out in the open and be one with nature. For the adventurous ones, imagine being tempted to roll down from those hills!


Maywang a Libro Du Vatan (Batanes Blank Book Archive)

This is not your usual mini-library. Located in South Batan, the library contains books in colors blue, green, gray and black. What’s inside these books? Nothing! But you can fill them out with your stories. It would be nice to leave a little piece of you in Batanes, right?

Chamantad Cove and Tiñan Viewpoint

The Chamtad-Tiñan cove is said to be the most scenic spot in Sabtang. The place has free-roaming cows and goats and we won’t be surprised if you’re tempted to re-enact some scenes from Sound of Music. Here’s a plus: you can get sample tubho Ivatan wild tea and sugarcane wine for free in one of the huts in the cove.

Lighthouses of Batanes

Batanes is probably the only place where you’ll see a lot of lighthouses in just a single province. Basco Lighthouse, which was recently completed, is the most visited one. It has a gallery, and a view deck which will provide you with a stunning view of the sea. The oldest yet functional lighthouse, called the Tayid Lighthouse, is just a few feet away. It’s been standing there since the 1700’s. The last one is the Sabtang Lighthouse and it stands on the northern end of Sabtang. It is the first man-made structure to welcome you to Sabtang Island.

Via looloo

Morong Beach and Mahayaw Arch

The province is blessed with an enchanting coastline and your Batanes trip wouldn’t be complete without seeing at least one sunrise/sunset at one of the beaches. If you prefer to experience it in a more calm and serene beach, you should visit the Morong Beach. You can just lie by the shore and have a picnic while waiting for the sun to rise… or set, whichever you prefer.

The Mahayaw Arch is a rock formation that looks like an arch. Since there’s no man-made shade in Moron Beach, the arch usually serves as a temporary protection from the sun.