12 Bookshops You Must Visit Before You Kick the Bucket

A book lover’s haven!

9. Daeo Bookstore – Seoul South Korea

Nestled in the quaint and quiet neighborhood of Seochon, Daeo Bookstore remains tucked away from the bustling city center of Seoul, maintaining its old-time charm. It is the oldest secondhand bookstore in the city, with interiors that hardly changed since it opened over six decades ago. Today, Daeo Bookstore serves its customers as a café more than a bookshop; however, guests are more than welcome to rummage through piles and piles of old books in the hanok structure while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.


10. Livraria Da Vila – São Paulo, Brazil

No bookstore will welcome you the way Livraria Da Vila will. Here, books will literally usher you into the shop. Revolving bookshelves serve as the entrance to the sleek and modern bookstore designed by top Brazilian studio Isay Weinfeld Arquitecto. From floor to ceiling, the entire place is basically made up of books, books, and more books! It has a basement, which houses a mini auditorium, where lectures are held from time to time.


11. Word on the Water – London, UK

Who said bookstores should only be found on land? Word on the Water sets itself apart from most bookstores as a book barge selling quality pre-loved books. Carrying a myriad of genres from classics to contemporary fiction to cult to children’s books, Word on the Water has something for everyone. On some days, they organize readings, poetry slams, and acoustic performances on their roof stage.


12. 1200 Bookshop – Guangzhou, China

If you’ve ever dreamed of sleeping in a bookstore, 1200 Bookshop in Guangzhou, China might just turn that into a reality for you. A 24-hour bookstore, it doubles as a free-stay accommodation for backpackers who apply by email in advance. Customers get a discount when they buy books at night and guests get free coffee between 2 am and 6 am.


Any other places you can recommend for book lovers?

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