Chill Out in These Undiscovered Cool Spots Around Southeast Asia

Cool weather in the tropics!

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While Thailand is not often associated with low temperatures, Chiang Rai features an average of 25 degrees during the winter months from December to February.

Go on a trek up to the Phu Chi Fah cliff and get a stunning sight of the sunrise or the sunset. Make sure to enjoy the view overlooking Northern Laos and Mekong River.

If you’re looking for cultural and architectural wonders, visit Wat Rong Seua Ten, also known as the Blue Temple. It might not be as famous as the crowded White Temple or the equally crowded Black House, since it was only recently completed in 2016, but it’s still a wonderful sight to see.

Get an adrenaline rush when you fly through Singha Park with their zip line and see the working farm full of fruit orchards and tea plantations.

At night, make sure to sit down for dinner in a restaurant with a view of the Clock Tower so you can marvel at the amazing light show with the whole town. After dinner, you can head straight to the Chiang Rai night bazaar to shop for souvenirs, handicrafts, and clothes.

Swim in a sea of clouds in Sapa, Vietnam

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