Philippine Street Food Every ‘Fear Factor’-Loving Traveler Should Try

Would you dare to try these?

Where to try it: Bohol

When in Bohol, one of the top pasalubong items you can buy alongside the tamer Peanut Kisses are Chichaworms, which are packaged as “exotic” treats for tourists. These crunchy treats are composed of cultured “Super Worms” that have been fed with organic food like fresh fruits and vegetables and then flavored with sugar, salt and chili powder.

The name is a wordplay on the popular chicharon, or Pinoy-style crispy pork rinds and — you guessed it — worms. The chichaworms have the same crispy and crunchy texture to green peas and peanuts, so if you’re feeling squeamish, you can always pretend you’re eating those when you bite into this. How’s that for a protein-rich snack?


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