Philippine Street Food Every ‘Fear Factor’-Loving Traveler Should Try

Would you dare to try these?

Where to try it: Ilocos and Abra

Most of us try to shoo away ants whenever dining outdoors, but what if they’re the main course? Also known as ant-egg caviar, abuos is an Ilocano delicacy that’s quite hard to come by. They’re usually harvested from the mountains of Northern Luzon including the tropical rainforests of Abra. Technically, abuos are the eggs or soft white larvae of hantik or weaver ants known for their stinging bites.

From afar, they resemble legumes and are often served sautéed with garlic or prepared as adobo, though some eat it raw. This dish is a known as a delicacy in Northern Luzon due to its high protein content and supposed aphrodisiac properties. It has a delicate slightly sour taste.

Betute Tugak

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