Fairytale-Like Destinations That Will Remind You of Your Childhood Movies

Make that dream turn into reality.


We’ve always seen cottages in typical old Disney movies, and the Spadena House, aka, “The Witch House” in Beverly Hills, California is one of the storybook-themed houses you really need to see in person. Designed by Hollywood art director Harry Oliver in 1921, this eccentric cottage in the middle of a neighborhood somewhat looks like the house in Hansel and Gretel, without the candies and sweet stuff. In the modern pop culture, it was featured in the 1995 teen hit movie, Clueless.

If you’re also a Tim Burton fan, well, so is its owner, Michael J. Libow, who would love to have Tim Burton come over. However, since it’s a private residence, you can only stroll and take a photo from outside. So if you happen to visit L.A., squeeze this in your itinerary. Your Disney heart will be very, very pleased.

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