Fairytale-Like Destinations That Will Remind You of Your Childhood Movies

Make that dream turn into reality.


This five hundred meter bamboo forest in Kyoto will make you remember the Disney movie Pocahontas with its view of natural bamboo trees along your path. Or if you’re an otaku (anime fan), this place will definitely remind you of Naruto.

Located in the Arashiyama Park, this picturesque forest is well-visited not only for the view, but for the serene feeling one gets surrounded by the natural sounds of the forest. There is also a pond inside the park, along with temple buildings and souvenir shops in the main entrance to complete your tourist experience. And the best thing about this place is you can stroll for free! So if you’re seeking a place to de-stress, this is one of the best places to release the negative vibes.

Angel Falls

Where: Venezuela