10 Must-Haves to Pack for Every Long Haul Flight

Or, how to stay fresh even after a grueling 18-hour trip.

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Books and Gadgets

Flying long haul is a good time to catch up on that new album you’ve been wanting to listen to, or that book you’ve been trying to read for the last eight months. It’s also a great time to give the brain a bit of a workout with puzzles and games. Pro tip: If you’re flying Philippine Airlines, don’t forget to download the MyPAL Player app to get access to their movie, TV and music library using your phone or tablet — you even get 30 minutes of free WiFi.

A ‘Luxury’ Item

Be kind to yourself and bring a small thing that will make you happy — this could be a tiny bottle of sriracha for the bland plane food you’re going to eat, or a fidget spinner to calm your flight anxiety down, or even your very own cocktail kit.

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Roanna Jamir

Roanna Jamir

Roanna Jamir was an anchor at CNN Philippines (when it was still Solar News in April 2014), until she left in November 2015. Two months later, prompted to escape the stress and hustle of the news industry she had just quit, she also decided to move her family out of the city and to Boracay Island.  

Jozza Alegre Palaganas

Jozza Alegre Palaganas

Jozza Alegre Palaganas prefers staying in one place for long-ish periods of time when she travels. Partly because she likes to pretend she's local, but mostly because she's sentimental.