Discounts, Sales, and Bargain Shopping in Guam: a 3-Day Itinerary

It was madness! Madness, we tell you!

Those who think there’s nothing much to do in Guam most likely haven’t gone around the island to experience it in full.

Guam has the right balance of everything you usually seek from a vacation — beaches to relax, swim, and surf; tours to go on, and tourist spots and museums to visit; and various shopping malls and outlets to splurge your money at.

Of all these things that Guam has to offer, it’s that ultimate discount shopping experience that more people should be talking about. Take it from me — someone who doesn’t usually spend on things she doesn’t need but instantly turned into a shopaholic during her 3-day stay in the island — the sales and discounts everywhere you’ll go on items you can only find in American stores will drive you insane!

So if branded rubber shoes that sell for as low as USD30 or high-end lipsticks that go for USD25 for a bundle of five pique your interest, Guam should definitely be your next vacay destination!

We’ve prepared this 3-Day Itinerary that will help you make the most out of your trip.