These Hello Kitty-Themed Hotel Rooms in Japan Are an Adorable Pink Paradise

It’s just too cute!

From anime cafes to local cartoon character mascots to dedicated theme parks, Japan is full of your childhood characters come to life. Hello Kitty is, of course, there to welcome you, too, and now you can even enjoy a night in Hello Kitty-themed hotel rooms.

Photo from Asakusa Tobu Hotel

Tobu Hotel has recently opened a branch in Asakusa, Tokyo, and one of the newest additions in this branch is the two Hello Kitty-themed rooms that would surely take you back to your childhood days. Both are inspired by Japanese culture, and these pink paradises are perfect for you and your girlfriends.

Sakura Tenjo

Photo from Asakusa Tobu Hotel

Photo from Asakusa Tobu Hotel

Sakura Tenjo literally means “cherry maiden,” and as the name implies, the first room features cherry blossom pink all around, with the walls full of the pink flowers surrounding tennyo Hello Kitty (a tennyo is a Japanese spiritual being, similar to nymphs or fairies). The room also includes a mini raised platform with pink tatami where you can sit back and have a drink with friends before you hit the sack.

Japanese Modern

Photo from Asakusa Tobu Hotel

hello kitty themed hotel rooms

Photo from Asakusa Tobu Hotel

In contrast to the Sakura Tenjo room, the second one applies more modern Japanese aesthetics, but still with the adorable Hello Kitty, just in a modern pink kimono this time. The walls are more muted with maroon dominating the color palette, giving off a classy and more mature feel to the room.

Where is it and how can you book?

The hotel is located at 1-1-15 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, and it’s only a few minutes of walk away from Asakusa station. While the hotel is already accepting bookings through its website, the Hello Kitty-themed rooms will be formally opened on October 8, 2020.


Would you book either of these two rooms? Tell us below!

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