Could This Resort Be Palawan’s Best Kept Secret?

We spent a weekend in what could be one of Palawan’s most beautiful islands.

Inaladelan Island is located 20 to 30 minutes from Port Barton, Palawan, which in turn is a two and half to three-hour drive from Puerto Princesa. Port Barton itself boasts of a white sand strip of beach with restaurants lining the shore and boats waiting to take you to the island of your choice. A peaceful civilization such as this count as a break from city life but the idea of having a quiet island all to ourselves was much better.

Inaladelan from afar was inviting, a 12-hectare property blessed with fine white sand. The rest of the island is undeveloped, featuring huge boulders and trees. As we neared the island, the waters changed from a deep dark blue reflecting the sky to a gleaming turquoise, a sign that the sand beneath is just a couple of feet below us.