Here are the Favorite PH Destinations of Your Favorite Korean Stars

They love it here!

It’s no denying that Pinoys are hardcore fans of the Korean wave, and it’s basically what makes us want to fly to Korea ASAP. But if there’s something we need to know, it’s this: they feel the same. You see, lots of our favorite Korean celebrities have been here, and they’ve fallen in love with our country — just like how we’re head over heels for them.

Scroll down to see how your favorite artists enjoyed their stay here through these cute Instagram photos:


Park Bo Gum

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Park Bo Gum, together with the entire cast of Love in the Moonlight, went to Cebu to celebrate the success of their series. They obviously enjoyed the island and did lots of water activities. We hope they’ll come back again!


San Deul (B1A4)

San Deul of B1A4 was seen mingling with the locals of Cebu and having lots of beach time. Look at that cute selfie from Kawasan Falls.


Lee Min Ho

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After his fanmeet in Cebu, Lee Min Ho made sure to experience the beautiful island by trying out different water activities like boat riding and jet ski. Come back soon, oppa.


Lee Jong Hyun (CN Blue)

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Cebu is undoubtedly a favorite among our fave stars, including Jong Hyun of CN Blue. Together with fellow singer Jung Joon Young, he had a chill trip in the Queen City, as seen through their Instagram photos. And since CN Blue is coming back to the country again this year, we can’t wait to see where they plan to go next!

Almost a year after their debut, Korean girl group G-Friend took a trip to Cebu for mini photoshoots and a short vacation. Donning cute swim wears, it’s very evident in their fun selfies how much they enjoyed their stay in the island.


Kim Go Eun and Kim Dong Wook

Now that the Goblin fever has hit the country, here’s a little trivia: the goblin’s bride, Kim Go Eun, visited our country just this year. Together with fellow actor Kim Dong Wook (Coffee Prince) they did island hopping with some friends.

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