5 Lakeside Accommodations Near Manila that You Should Check Out for Your Next Vacay

When the beach is not an option.

There’s something soothing about being near any body of water. However, whenever we plan a getaway, the beach usually tops the list. If you want a perfect blend of isolation and comfort, then consider this list of beautiful lakeside resorts and lodging to experience something new.

Bloc Camp Site

Brgy. Bukal, Bukal-Cansuso Road, 4013 Cavinti
theblocteam@gmail.com | +63 936 9699644

Whether you’re a sunrise or a sunset type of person, the mesmerizing view in this cozy place will make you want to stay another night. It’s surrounded by lush green foliage, just the perfect background while you enjoy a quiet time. The tents here are big enough making it ideal for a family or friends getaway. If glamping is not your thing, though, the campsite also has a two-level “kubotel.” It’s located near some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the south like the Pagsanjan Falls, Cavinti Underground River, Majaymay Falls, and more, so adventure seekers will never run out of things to do.