Must-Try Specialty Pizzas around the Philippines

You had me at pizza.

Where to try it: The Pitstop Restaurant originated in Guimaras, but now has branches in Iloilo and Cebu. The oldest branch is located along Guimaras Circumferential Road near Guimaras Provincial Capitol in Jordan.

Laing & Bicol Express Pizza from Bicol

The Bicol region is well known for dishes that make use of gabi (taro) leaves cooked in gata (coconut milk) with spicy chili. Laing, Bicol Express, and Pinangat are variations of this Bicol classic, traditionally served as side dishes with rice and meat or fish. Some local restos also use them as pizza toppings on their Bicolano-inspired fusion pizzas! It’s an acquired taste, but if you’re heading down South, you might want to add one of those on your foodie bucket list. This isn’t your typical veggie pizza!

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