Eat Often, Eat Well: 15 Must-Try Xiaochi When in Taiwan According to the Locals

Snacking in the land of xiao long bao.

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Literally translated as “salty soy milk”, xian dou jiang is another Taiwanese breakfast favorite. It’s a savory version of your usual soybean curd given a unique flavor by green onion, sesame oil, dried radish or Sichuan mustard, and small dried shrimp. Vinegar can also be added for an added kick.

Where to get it: You can find xian dou jiang in Taiwanese breakfast places or pretty much anywhere that sells soy milk specialties. If you’re looking for a specific place to enjoy it, look for Ding Yuan Soy Milk on Jinhua Street in Taipei’s Zhongzheng District. It’s arguably the most famous soy milk place in all of Taiwan.

7. Shao Bing

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