Experiencing True Liberation at Bunyadi: London’s First Nude Restaurant

Would you dine in the nude?

4. It will be hard to make a reservation

(No pun intended.) Before you mull over the question of how many dates it’ll take before it’s acceptable to take your date to The Bunyadi, be advised that the waiting list is already close to 30,000. Maybe it’s the appeal of naked dining (which you could do at home for free, just FYI) or sheer curiosity, but the restaurant is already overbooked—and it’s still months before it even opens. It doesn’t hurt to put your name down on the list, though. Just for the experience.

3. It might not last long

The restaurant is now slated to only be open for three months. With its 40-person capacity and long waiting list, it actually might be too late to book reservations as of this writing. But never say never. If the concept proves to be successful, there may be talks to make it permanent. Or we can all just hope that other people on the wait list will back out.



2. You’ll get to enjoy edible utensils

“We have worked very hard to design a space where everything patrons interact with is bare and naked,” Lyall said. In the service of creating a dining experience that is stripped of modern & industrialized impurities, the lights are only provided by candles and all the furniture are made of wood. The diners will be able to eat wood-flame grilled meals prepared without chemicals, artificial colours, electricity, and served in handmade clay pots with edible cutlery. You can literally eat your spoons.


1. The price of liberty

For a restaurant that you choose for experience and not necessarily the food, a five-course meal for about $80 to $90 counts as a splurge. But hey, who can say that they have eaten naked in public? So if you factor in the bragging rights and the robe, the amount sounds reasonable.


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