One Mountain a Month: A 2018 Bucket List

There’s more to conquer.

Although Mt. Ugo isn’t as high as its neighboring mountains, it has the classification 5/9, a major climb, by Pinoy Mountaineer. Trekking it requires 2 days and dedication. Hikers will encounter a challenging trail that connects Nueva Vizcaya and Benguet, and has a path for a traverse to Mt. Pulag. The trek will be littered with pine trees but although they’re abundant, they don’t shield hikers from the sun that much.

How to prepare: Different hikes require different physical preparation. For this one, even if you’re an experienced hiker make sure to have all the training, exercise, and warm up you need. Hiking for hours and bunking in different places can take its toll on you. Don’t forget to bring ample amount of trail food and water. To make the most out of your trip you would want to allot 2-3 days for this hike.

Tours:, Trail Adventours, Mt. Ugo Summer Climb (happens annually during the summer)

NOVEMBER: Mt. Pinatubo, Botoan, Zambales