One Mountain a Month: A 2018 Bucket List

There’s more to conquer.

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Cap off the year with a Pulag hike paired with the cold weather. With the highest peak in Luzon and the third highest in the country, Mt. Pulag is well worth the time traveling to and climbing. Locals believe that it’s the resting place and playground of the gods, it’s also a burial site in part. Mt. Pulag’s fauna and flora is another good reason to visit. It boasts of different plant species and a number of native wildlife.

Ambangeg/Babadac trail is the easiest and most traversed of all the Mt. Pulag trails. In 4-5 hours starting from the ranger station, you can reach the summit and see the sea of clouds with your own eyes. But to see this you have to adjust your hike to start well before dawn.

How to prepare: Make sure you bring enough layers of clothing. As this is the highest peak in Luzon, the weather can be tricky and temperatures can drop down to 5 degrees Celsius. You should also pack gloves and bonnets alongside hand, feet, and body warmers.

Tours: Nomad Adventures PH, Trail Adventours,

Other sights to see: Lola Cancio’s Inn and Restaurant, Jang-jang Bridge, Ambuklao Dam


Are you ready to have a great year climbing mountains?