This Shell-Inspired Resort Will Be the Philippines’ Next Tourist Attraction

The Vincent Callebaut concept will put together a sustainable resort and futuristic research facility.

The 27,000-square meter property will not only feature the resort, but also a mountain-like complex that will house various research centers for environmental scientists, rotating apartment towers, plus a school and a sports center, all of which would be built from reused and recycled materials sourced from vegetable biomass and will be self-sufficient in terms of energy and food thanks to renewable energy and permaculture.

Other scientific wonders that’ll be seen in the project are the underwater turbines for capturing wave energy, and solar panels on the roof and facade. These will reportedly produce more energy than the whole resort needs, and thus the excess power will be given to nearby communities. In addition, rainwater and greywater will be reused, and human waste will be turned into an energy source.