The Historic Sights and Beaches of South India: Chennai, Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram

Get deep into South India with these top places to visit!

Despite the Philippines being in the same region as India, making the trip isn’t as easy as it ought to be. However, there is a way to ease the travel troubles. A lot of Filipinos make the trip from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since the trip is 3.5 hours going to India. It’s more convenient than making a straight trip.

The upside of traveling to India, however, is their use of e-visas for tourists. Since the Philippines is included in their list of countries that can get e-visas, it’s much more convenient than the usual process of getting a visa. All you have to do is to apply online, pay online, receive it via e-mail, and lastly, print your e-visa and take it with you when you fly to India. This, however, only applies for tourist visas.

I stayed five days and four nights in South India. In my time there, I was able to go to three beautiful and historically significant cities: Chennai, Pondicherry, and Mahabalipuram.

Things to See in Chennai

Marina Beach