Travel Flicks That Should Be On Every Woman’s To-Watch List

Find inspiration in these women’s journeys.

Where it will take you: The idyllic streets of Rome (before it was taken over by throngs and throngs of tourists)

What it is about: A princess (Audrey Hepburn) on a tour escapes her suffocating schedule and royal duties, and scoots off around the city of Rome on a Vespa with an American reporter (Gregory Peck).

Why watch it: Roman Holiday is more than just a romantic-comedy that introduced the gem that is Audrey Hepburn to the world. This classic favorite features a young woman, who could have chosen love over obligation, but decided to go with the latter, acknowledging her role as a princess, now with a stronger sense of responsibility after impulsively taking a quick adventure.

5) Before Sunrise (1995)

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Andy Flores

Andy Flores

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