Visa-Free Destinations in the Americas for Pinoys

No visa? No problem!

via South American Tourism

via South American Tourism

Visa: Visa-free

Maximum days of stay: 90 days

Located in the western-central part of South America, landlocked Bolivia boasts of many breathtaking sights ranging from natural beauties to spine-thrilling adventures. Be creative when you take your photos at Salar De Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat located southwest of the country. Get a thrill when you ride through El Camino de la Muerte or The Death Road. You can ride a bike through it, or you can also opt to hitch a ride with the locals to be safer, since they know the terrain better. Wait for the sun to set at Valle de la Luna (but make sure you have a guide with you!). Stay overnight at the beautiful Isla del Sol, or explore Copacabana on a day trip.

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Photos: The Otherworldly Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia



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