Visa-Free Destinations in the Middle East for Pinoys

No visa? No problem!

As Philippine passport holders, we find it hard to travel because of the restrictions put upon us by our passport. We need to apply for visas to get to the places we want to see, and from expensive application fees to proving financial capability, visa applications are definitely not easy. So why not explore the destinations that require no visa or at least those that issue one upon arrival?

There are countries in the Middle East that we can explore without having to go through the hassle of getting a visa. But due to misconceptions, we often find ourselves afraid of booking that trip. Still, when you foster a sense of adventure and keep an open mind, you’d find out how amazing the countries here are.

But of course, make sure to check with the official government agencies in case there are any changes in visa policies.



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Meryl Medel

Meryl Medel

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