Visit These Stunning Churches in Russia

Stunning architecture is always on the bucket list.

This recognizable structure in Saint Petersburg was built between the early 1880s until 1907. Upon first glance, it resembles Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. The interior is stunning with colorful and detailed religious mosaics covering the walls and the ceiling. The church was damaged and ransacked during the Russian Revolution and World War II. It was later restored to its former glory.


Smolny Cathedral

Saint Petersburg has many beautiful buildings and churches one of them is Smolny Cathedral. Rastrelli designed the cathedral with its detailed exterior and blue and white color motif. Construction took place in 1748 and finished by 1761.


Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

Saint Petersburg’s Historic Center doesn’t seem to run out of stunning structures. Saint Isaac’s Cathedral is another beautiful church in the city worth adding to your itinerary. It was built as a dedication to Saint Isaac of Dalmatia. The Soviet government made the church into a museum during their rule in the early 1930s. The cathedral has remained a museum ever since despite the offer of the governor of the city to return it to the Orthodox Church.


Epiphany Cathedral

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