This South Korean Cafe Near the DMZ Will Make You Feel Like You’re in ‘Crash Landing on You’

Looking for: our own Captain Ri.

Ever wanted to have your own Crash Landing on You moment? Well, while you can’t exactly paraglide and crash-land into the arms of a handsome North Korean soldier like Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok, you can get as close to it as possible by visiting the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). And while you’re there, why not spend some time at this hip Korean cafe right beside it?

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– [잔잔하면서도 깊은 울림의 #포비디엠지] 과거와 현재 그리고 미래에 대해 잠시 생각해볼 수 있는 FOURB DMZ. 새로운 감정, 귀중한 경험을 만들어드리고 싶은 가치가 있습니다. 5월, 어느덧 오픈 1주년이 되었습니다. 그동안 많은 분들이 찾아주시고, 관심 가져주셔서 감사한 마음입니다. 앞으로도 많은 사랑 부탁드리며, 편히 머물다 가시길 바랄게요. FOURB DMZ의 가치, 영상을 통해 느껴보세요. #fourb #fourbdmz

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Is North Korea visible from the cafe?

Okay, Café FourB is not exactly right beside the DMZ — of course, it can’t be. There’s a reason the DMZ, the 250-kilometer strip of land that divides North and South Korea, is known as “no man’s land,” and it’s definitely not because they welcome tourists just any time. (They do, but they’re scheduled in advance — no crash landing because of a freak hurricane.)

This little cafe is actually in Paju, which is right beside the Civilian Control Line (CCL) of the DMZ, an additional buffer zone that allows the government to control the comings and goings of civilians near the DMZ.

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– [초여름의 여유를 느껴보세요. #포비디엠지] 한결 옷차림이 가벼워진 요즘, 6월의 첫 주말이 시작되었어요. 싱그러운 초여름에 볼 수 있는 푸릇한 FOURB DMZ를 카메라 프레임에 담아보세요. 자연에 둘러싸인 FOURB DMZ의 풍경을 더욱 선명하게 만들어줄 거예요. 오늘처럼 역사적인 날, FOURB DMZ에서 의미 있는 주말을 시작해보는 건 어떠세요? 경기도 파주시 문산읍 임진각로 177 #fourb #fourbdmz

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But the cafe is built right beside a row of barbed wires and electrical fences that definitely makes you feel like you’re in a restricted military zone. Remember when CLOY’s leading lady Yoon Se Ri was trying to run away from the North Korean soldiers at the start of the series? No, it’s not where they filmed that, but yes, the other side of the fence looks quite like what you saw on the show, giving you all that CLOY kilig feels.


What to order

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– [#포비커피 정기적으로 만나보세요.] – "FOURB 커피를 좋아하는 분들은 주목해 주세요!" – FOURB는 합리적인 가격으로 편하게 커피를 즐기실 수 있는 정기배송 서비스를 준비했어요. FOURB의 소식과 레서피가 담긴 커피 가이드북도 보내드리니 집에서도 맛있는 커피를 즐겨보세요. 이제 매달 정기적으로 당일 로스팅된 신선한 FOURB 커피를 받아보세요. 커피 정기배송 서비스는 FOURB 공식 홈페이지에서 확인하실 수 있습니다. • 서비스 오픈 기념, 원두 계량 우드 스푼 (선착순 10명) 증정 #fourb #커피정기배송 #포비커피정기배송

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Café FourB is known for their specialty coffee using beans of the highest quality. And they actually have their own, which are also for sale at their website. Each bag of beans goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure that they will only serve the best of their products.

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– [임진각에서 특별한 경험을 해보세요. #포비디엠지] SNS에서 철조망 뷰로 유명한 FOURB DMZ, 왜 이곳에 오픈을 했는지 물어보시는 분들이 계세요. FOURB DMZ의 심플한 메뉴 구성처럼 이유는 간단해요. 한국의 내러티브를 가장 잘 살릴 수 있는 장소를 고민하다 정했어요. FOURB DMZ에서 커피를 마시며 잔잔한 풍경과 더불어 한국 역사적 가치와 의미가 조금은 편하게 전해졌으면 하는 마음이에요. 카페라는 공간이 단순히 커피를 판매하는 곳으로 비추기엔 임진각이라는 특수성에 어울리지도 않고요. 비교적 거리가 있지만 다른 곳에서 느낄 수 없는 메시지와 긴 여운을 경험할 수 있어요. 새로운 한주, FOURB DMZ에서 특별한 시간을 보내는 건 어떠세요? 경기도 파주시 문산읍 임진각로 177 #fourb #fourbdmz

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Aside from coffee, Café FourB is known for their bagels, but unfortunately, the DMZ branch doesn’t serve it yet. Customers recommend their Flat White, Dutch Black, and Affogato, but if you’re not into coffee, there are several fruit teas and chocolate-based beverages on the menu, too.

But honestly? If you’re already there, you should try the coffee as well (unless you’re allergic or something). And just imagine it’s Captain Ri who brewed that coffee for you, just like he did for Se Ri. Cue kilig.


How to get there

If you already have a scheduled tour to see the actual DMZ, then it’s just a little bit of detour, since it’s located in Paju’s Imjingak Park, a must-visit when seeing the DMZ. Tours for the DMZ often already include the Imjingak Park, so you won’t need to worry.

But if you haven’t scheduled a tour to the DMZ, you can still see Café FourB DMZ. When you’re coming from Seoul, go to Hongik University Station and take the Gyeonggui-Jungang line. Get off at Munsan Station, then hitch a ride on Bus 58 and exit once the bus gets to Imjingak Park.

If you can’t travel all the way to Paju, there are several other FourB branches around South Korea, and one is in Gwanghwamun, Seoul. It wouldn’t be the same as seeing the barbed-wire fence through the glass windows, but maybe you could just watch CLoY while you’re there and let your imagination run wild.


What do you think of Café FourB DMZ? Would you ever want to go here? Tell us below!

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